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This club is set up in support of the grand scale awareness that has begun. The platform created here is to host mostly books on Enlightenment encouraging the birth of a new you. Suggested reads, reviews, and information that are crucial for your spiritual growth will be presented for your viewing in the following weeks to come. Fun facts, therapeutic activities and videos will be presented weekly to create the passion for reading once again. Inspired reading is a religious obligation. Reading, writing, and encouraging the return of the masses towards involved reading will be beneficial to all souls, and its gathered truths will profit them in both worlds. The world of man and the unseen emerging world of the spirit needs to be fully addressed – and the books of both past and present day writers will provide the information to uncover these realities. If you have read a beautiful piece please feel free to share with us your write-up and we will showcase it for you. Remember to look out for all forthcoming audios, and lots of other fun opportunities that will be posted to create an awakening of the spirit in you. If you wish to receive notifications please click here to send us your details and we will love to keep in touch with you. Be sure to introduce a friend that loves to read or even those whom you would love to encourage to become readers.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

MUHAMMAD by Martin Lings

This book is a biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – It is an internationally acclaimed comprehensive and authoritative account of the life of

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A study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. In this section we will learn new words that will help us in the evolution of our minds. Taking in these words will make the new age knowledge much easier to grasp.

This weeks word:


Dictionary meaning: A moment or act of suddenly becoming aware of something. A revival of
interest or attention.


  • The world is undergoing a mass awakening. It will affect everyone by pulling them out of their comfort zone.
  • Awakening is the movement from an unaware/unconscious/ or sleepy state to a more conscious or knowledgeable state.
  • A renewal of interest in religion, especially in a community, where many will become aware of their situation, and their deteriorating conditions. They will begin to understand it or grow in understanding of their inner self.


Awakening occurs when the ego lets go, making way for the higher self to arise and take charge of the time ahead.


During an awakening a person starts to seek knowledge about themselves and about the era they are in – so that they can become conscious or more aware
of the times.


By seeking the knowledge of our purpose in life, our goal, and our spiritual self we will advance into an upper level of thinking. We must then assist by passing the message of awakening around to others in society.

Crossword Puzzle

Personality of the Era

This week the Creator is on the hot spot. Although the Creator is not “a person” – As our Creator He is the most important Being that each of us must come to understand, in order for us to make that link with Him. So, let’s collect some facts about Him and see if we can clear the confusion in the mind that was left behind by the generations before us.

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