Contemporary Religion

Tying the thread of time to religion & yourself.

We begin with the understanding that all who are woken up to this phase of the resurrection will have to backtrack ‘to this place of the past’ to see how life and religion arrived at ONE UNITED CONCEPT. The concept being of ‘a bond by a covenant’ – A pledge that was formed with the Creator in the Heavens.

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Ideology of Contemporary Religion

This idea of contemporary studies will take you through all the main religious ideas that followed from first ‘Man’ Adam (a.s) – Mankind’s correction, transformation & transcendence to the point we have arrived in now. The opening of the dimension of “Sovereign Dominion of the Lord” is the “Meeting place for all”.

This simply means that everyone is travelling on a ‘TIMELINE’ on which there is no end – only a bounty that keeps increasing. You may stop in any religion to catch a breather if you are overwhelmed – It is called a station. But when you have rested, awaken to the call of the dimension ahead and keep moving.

The Trick

keep studying the ideology behind contemporary religion

The trick helps you to catch the outlay of the map of religions displayed through time. You will have to pass through the structure the mind of man took from all past Eras to grasp much of what the Creator has set up for our viewing. Where once you realise you are the soul and the game spontaneously changed.

You will discover so much more when you accept that as the spirit of God your destiny is to meet with Him before your death. That’s when the journey within religion really takes a jump start, and a whole range of possibilities are fed to you through inspirational “conversations with God” – The Lord of the Throne of both Easts and both Wests. Sounds interesting??

Well, if we haven’t perked your interest as yet, then you are still fast asleep in one of the dimensions way below!

Unlock the Secret

Let Me Whisper to Your Intuition A Secret from the Upper World

A secret placed in the hidden chambers of the heart only its seekers will find!! This clue is to keep the fires of each heart burning even more intensely with the desires to attain to the Higher destiny. There comes a time when you enter a certain level of transcendence and its consciousness that is divine – it is only here that you will realise you are the light you seek. The magnificence of this level is that you will inherit the spirit and all that comes with that world’s order – All hidden knowledge and spiritual gifts will begin to flow freely for your use. This secret centre of who we are is the god-gene coding that awaits the seeking eye. Imagine now if you were to give up on this dream because you thought the entire of your life was meant to be squeezed into one religious conviction and its viewpoint? Never getting the opportunity to spread your wings and fly through all the other realms because of imprisoned thinking or a low order thought processing.

This way of studying life and its journey on a whole with its universal outlook will win for you a place in the heart of the Creator, emancipating you from a low human consciousness to the divine nature you were created from. It is an individual choice to want to study further in order to match up to the fast pace world of the upper realms to connect to the next phase of your life – the eternal world. You can choose to stubbornly hang onto to your idea of religion and its way of life – sitting claustrophobic in the opinions of man and his lower order understanding of the sacred world – Or you can advance forward through the sacred scriptures and the invite it extends to come forward and seek the pleasure of the Supreme Being.

Where You Belong

Your place on that “TIMELINE”, learning to trust in the “Upper World Blueprint” which the Creator so ingeniously programmed into the hidden chambers of the heart. So what gives…?

Why do we each need to indulge in all of this esoteric, mystic knowledge to achieve the greater plan you ask?? Well if you consider that others before you have already played their part into the supreme journey leaving behind silent footsteps for us to follow – and that the newer generations are prophesied to enter into this field of attainment, taking to it like a fish to water – then will you realise that you have a small window of opportunity in the short time left in front of you to you to attain to this promise of the ‘’HEREAFTER’’. A shocking realisation that this was not a joke but the reality that proves our ability to recognise our hidden nature qualifies us as the ‘best of creation’.

To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and the Day that the Hour of Judgment is established,- that Day will the dealers in Falsehood perish!

And you will see every sect bowing the knee: Every sect will be called to its Record: “This Day shall you be recompensed for all that you did!”

“This Our Record speaks about you with truth: For We were want to put on Record all that you did.”

Then, as to those who believed and did righteous deeds, their Lord will admit them to His Mercy that will be the achievement for all to see.

But as to those who rejected Allah, to them will be said: “Were not Our Signs
rehearsed to you? But you were arrogant, and were a people given to sin!”

“And when it was said that the promise of Allah was true, and that the Hour- there was no doubt about its coming, you used to say, We know not what is the hour: we only think it is an idea, and we have no firm assurance.”

Then will appear to them the evil fruits of what they did, and they will be completely encircled by that which they used to mock at!

It will also be said: “This Day We will forget you as you forgot the meeting of this Day of yours! and your abode is the Fire, and no helpers have you!”


The Inevitable

Consider This >>

You may be qualified for life on the earthly plains, but by the average age of 60 – 80 years you will be forced to quit this small life for the upper dimensions in which you will be living tens and tens of thousands of years (The World of Eternity). With no clue or testimonial as to who you are and what will become of you is the loss each soul will incur. All because they did not take time out to receive the truth from the upper knowledge that leads to the mental design the Creator has programmed as part of life’s journey.

That Day shall We set a seal on their mouths. But their hands will speak to us, and their feet bear witness, to all that they did.

If it had been our Will, We could surely have blotted out their eyes; then should they have run about groping for the Path, but how could they have seen?

And if it had been Our Will, We could have transformed them to remain in their
places; then should they have been unable to move about, nor could they have returned after error.

If We grant long life to any, We cause him to be reversed in nature: Will they not then understand?

We have not instructed the Prophet in Poetry, nor is it meet for him: this is no less than a Message and a Qur’an making things clear:

That it may give admonition to any who are alive, and that the charge may be proved against those who reject (Truth).


Finally! Much has been said on this subject by experts in the world – People who have outstripped the mind in its path of brilliance and were able to put together the historical picture of past achievers and their dazzling display of faith, courage, and magnificence as the Best of creation trained by the Supreme Being. We return to build on this idea the rest of the foundation regarding this subject at hand.

Editors Note

On the subject matter of Contemporary Studies you will find relevant articles from time to time in this site. They will include:

  • The pathways of life both Esoteric and Exoteric
  • Struggle for power between social and political thoughts.
  • The irreconcilable difference within religions and different sects.
  • Contradictions between science and culture.
  • Studying the works of past writers who challenged life.
  • History of the messenger service of the Creator and the challenges they were faced with.
  • History of life through thought processing and how it advanced
  • Deconstruction of traditions
  • Glimpse into the idea behind apocalypse and its revolutionary transformations
  • The philosophers and their experience of life, history, the journey, transformation and transcendence.

Can We Do Better

seeing as we are each carrying a part of the same atomic structure

We are all connected by the binding breath of the Creator – We are all connected by the binding breath of the Creator and led by the light of two worlds!! This all part of the unfolding knowledge concerning our new destiny.

Below you will find some websites – sheer brilliance of past performances by our ancestors. These visuals have been left behind for you to find your way through by the great achievers. Study them at your leisure to see how the people of the past fared – and how you can access your one chance to attain to the Goal.

To know more go to “Comparative Religion”.