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If we want to see change in the world especially so that our future generations can reap its benefits – then we each have to put in an effort to do something about it.

A shift in consciousness awakens, re freshens and stimulates the mind. We all crave something in life but often do not have the answer to what this craving is. Tapping into a small part of conscious awakening each day brings about a wave of positive change to your lifestyle. We have created 4 amazingly structured clubs that aim to cater for your personal journey.

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Updated Weekly

Each group has new offers & reads weekly making it fun & interactive for your intellectual growth.

We Value Your Feedback

We invite patrons to send us feedback on the topics they would like to read or learn more about.

Built for the User

Your spiritual & intellectual growth means the world to us. We dedicated our energy into sourcing the best info.

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