Metaphysics is a major branch of philosophy that concerns the nature of existence and its true reality.

It is a branch that investigates the relationship between:


Skills and faculties of the mind eg. Consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language, memory etc and its evolution


What materials you are given in the field of investigation


The components we are given


The features and the power it holds


The hidden abilities that must be developed


The actual conditions you are given to begin the work with.

Spiritual metaphysics

This holds the view that all experiences are spiritual and not physical. This subject branches of into three matters of concern:


The study of “being” and all the concepts that relate to “being” – as well as the difficult questions that flow from it. It looks at the very nature of things, their cause and their identity.


This is a branch of astronomy that deals with the origin and evolution of the universe from its beginning till today, and how it will continue to impact on the future. This branch of philosophy deals with the origin and the general structure of the universe with its parts, elements and laws, as well as space, time, causes and freedom.

Philosophical theology

Theology is a rational study of the existence of God, gods, and the nature of religious studies. Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world and answering basic questions about human nature and the nature of the universe. Together, philosophy and theology brings together the most important approaches towards assessing the intellectual claims religions hold.

Metaphysics & Sufism

In a crude and unsophisticated evaluation on the subject of Metaphysics, it refers to all of the above and how it works for us when we apply it.

Sufism deals with this level of existence in everyday life. Measuring and calculating every moment and its thought processes in the Here and the Now. Each human is a microcosm in comparison to the universe which is the macrocosm. We as souls carry the atom of the universe within us – This means everything we need to evolve into the higher being we must become is within us. All we need to do is to learn how to access its power. Thus we are the
spirits metaphysical half – Spirit being Meta which is Latin for ‘After’ and
physical is the ‘body form’ of the life we are. Because man is created with
Freewill – nothing good will come from the upper destiny to him until he submits his entire will to the Creator – Who then hands over to him the reins of the Spirit/Ruh and its divine destiny in the upper world.

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