As Salaatu Sirrul Asrar

As one era phases out and another is brought in the vision changes – that’s because life is planned around a series of evolutionary phases.

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In support of the compendium of Durud Kitabs this is a message from the publishers and the ambassadors of the “DURUD DRIVE 2019”.

We are a group from the next generation seekers that will be filling the seat of our
contemporaries before us. We honour them and the work they have achieved by carrying the flag of Islam forward. We have taken it upon ourselves to become a part of the driving force, after witnessing the decline in health, emotional distress, mental issues, and financial status.
The Ummah needs help and we are sworn into allegiance to assist those who seek the true path out. We offer moral support, encouragement and motivation to push the newer generations forward. This compendium was put together to bring shiffa/healing of body, mind and soul to those who are ready to make the transformation. To do this spiritual energy is needed – hence – As Salaatu Sirrul Asrar.


The writer of the durud kitabs is a Muslim firstly, coming from a Sunni orientated background.

Like you and I, he has no reason to present to you a recital that will cause anyone any harm. He is an Alim of high standing and his knowledge in Arabic is fluent. His respect for Allah and His beloved Prophet ﷺ can be seen in the beauty of the way in which he has compiled the duruds – Duas upon the entire of creation complemented by duruds on either end of the dua. “The asking” from our Creator can’t get any better than this, as every durud reaches Allah – so too does your duas in-between the durud. The aim and purpose of the compendium by the compilers of all duruds, both past and present – is to protect and grow the Ummah in the Light of Allah – the Light of the heavens and the earth. In other words, to grow the “Light of Shariah”.


Misconceptions of the previous groups concerning the durud compilation itself lies in the choice of words (and its meanings).

When showering the due respect and honour given to the Holy Prophet of Islam, his nature as well as the qualities and attributes of the Creator he manifested and was granted use of, is taken into consideration. Understand then that the errors and fallacies in our society came to be due to the misunderstanding of words. This common condition lies in the minds of each person’s thinking level, and not in words itself. Many became misguided when they thought they understood the meanings of the words used to convey the knowledge of Allah – But this does not mean that they are right or that they know the truth of the mysteries of Allah. It simply means it is their level of understanding that matters. This misconception occurred because man is a ‘Block thinker’ – he has a limited perception of words, while believing he has the whole picture. We already know that the Arabic language has many meanings, and stages in the graduation of meaning of words. We use the word stages liberally because it will take an academic person to understand the opening of signs and symbols – and that those who do not see beyond the word will lose all existing possibilities and visions of the World of Allah. We will further address the words that caused the disputes as we go along so that the misconception of man committing (Bidah) – worshipping the prophet of Allah can be removed, and instead the position he holds as the “Maula/Master” of the path unseen can become clear. Also remember the Holy Prophet of Allah is being paid homage through the ‘99 Names of the Prophet ﷺ. This simply means that he (saw) was taught by Allah and thus completed the manifestation of these Qualities and Attributes of Allah ﷻ while on earth. You will find a list of his (saw) names and traits discussed further on – click here Although the style of writing is different it should not scare the reciters – As in poems, stories, songs etc – any form of praise writings is recommended and complimented for its style. These particular compendiums contain Arabic recital, transliteration & translations and includes a part of history of mankind as an education for the future generations. Our coming generations will have to fight a much tougher battle around them, as within themselves, to survive their journey on earth. A battle far difficult than we ever had to. We also have taken into consideration the western world as they find their seat in Islam to occupy a high ranking position. We are hoping that the transliteration and translations that makes the recital universal and easy attracts their attention. This is our way of welcoming them and including them in growing this vibrational Light.

Only good can flow from the recital of any and all duruds.


The writer of the durud kitabs is a Muslim firstly, coming from a Sunni orientated background.

That’s because the One Who inspires and empowers all salutations is none other than Allah, our Creator our guide, our Cherisher, our Protector. This compendium carries no shirk (Idol worship) and no innovation (biddah/hearsay) – Nor is its purpose to create fitnah (Trials). The belief held by some minority groups that duruds can be recited to raise satanic cult worshiping or Jinns to cause harm is a deceitful and devious lie. There is no such record in the history of durud recitals especially since every durud reaches Allah (swt) before it is received by His Beloved Prophet and our Maula Muhammad Mustapha (saw). Furthermore the duruds are here to cause a mass awakening of the Ummah and to raise their vibrations and correct their inner condition inspiring changes – so that they will receive what is due to them from their Creator.

FACT – Our Creator is the reciter of salutations and He encourages it. Salutations upon our beloved Prophet (saw) is universal and a means of safe & secure grounds.

FALLACY – Salutations are inspired by our Creator who has always sent down messages to His people to educate, inspire, heal, encourage, and advance them lovingly and compassionately. Salutations is one such means – let’s not contaminate, pollute, or infect this beautiful gift from Allah. It is a means of immediate solace and lasting rewards.

As your time comes into play, remember it is your inherited right to make a connection with your Rabb (Lord).


This compendium and its recital has been set aside for you to achieve that. Know that the closest you will get to knowing your Creator is through His light (genetic code) you carry, and the connection you will be making through this light. Your Creator created Man, Jinn, and Angels to worship Him – and He does not involve Himself in making “Ibadah” because all worship is due unto Him. Yet He & His angels do send salutations upon His beloved and He encourages the human race to do the same. This is the only true connection we will make with Him when we resonate with Him through durud recitals – so do not let anyone tell you any less. And do not let anyone steal this inherited right from you, for many generations went astray from the mark when they became confused by the disputes of the past generations. We will continue to address all words that may confuse or upset any generation – as the journey of the Holy Prophet (saw) begins as a light from the universe – to his journey on earth – into the unseen world and back. No mortal can boast what he has achieved. His journey must become fully understood by his people
– Much of which will be discussed and made clear in due time. May you find your light through the recital of this compendium – Insha’allah Ameen.




As Salaatu Sirrul Asrar

Shamsud’Duha – Vol 1.

Raising the Spirit of Enlightenment

For the healing of the soul, an emotional detox is needed. Vol. 1 draws the energies of all the true servants of Allah. The spiritual energy of all past achievers, prophets, saints, scientists, philosophers, theologians, mathematicians etc, will flow into our lives to advance us into the vibration of the divine consciousness – to receive from your higher destiny. Those before us who accomplished the task are the superior energy holders, known in the Holy Quran as “the rope of Allah”.


Everything is connected nothing flourishes separately – therefore, we must become one body again, or we too will continue to fail as the generations before us. If you do not take the opportunity to connect to the source of spiritual energy, it is of no matter – for Allah will replace us with a generation that will love Him enough to achieve this task.


We are the inheritors of a brilliant, dazzling legacy left behind by the supreme achievers of life. It is the duty of every new generation to find this path and connect themselves to it. So seek to link onto the “Party of Allah” through the salutations recorded in ‘AS SALAATU SIRRUL ASRAR’ Vol – 1. The upper world energies we will draw are pure and pious – and will stimulate us to reach the goal. Through the recital you will feel the calming effect this energy has on your soul – soothing, comforting and reassuring your restless chaotic mind – freeing you, from all evil whisperings of the satanic field. Don’t just believe all you read – Come into this inner dimension through these recitals and experience it for yourself. An excellent read for removal of distress, traumatic conditions, seeking harmony for family, friends, mankind. Breaking the habit of drug abuse, traversing spiritual heights, healing, removal or detection of evil spirits, balancing negative emotions, freeing yourself from the traps of low esteem etc.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of growing the light of Shariah

As Salaatu Sirrul Asrar

Badrud’Duja - Vol 2.

Shiffa for the Soul

For Insight into the spirit’s reasoning the removal of emotional turmoil and distress caused by low order thinking is first necessary. Once the chaotic mind is brought into a state of peace and calm by using the first volume – the reciter can then go onto Vol-2 to raise their standard of thinking which will assist in divinely inspired decision making. Although, any volume can be read anytime – the method explained is a suggested read to support the soul on its inner journey to begin correction on the self. This method has been tried and tested, and the experiment has brought success to thousands of reciters internationally. Vol. 2 has been specifically written to reset and realign the reasoning level of the reciter. When the body of thoughts are corrected through often recitals of durud, then the light of wisdom enters. Mistakes will now be easily rectified without the mind having to battle the inner self bringing peace all around. The first 3 volumes can be recited for family reunion or business success as well.

This volume contains salutations upon each body part of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, his personal items, his family, his companions, friends, his every breath, and upon every footstep taken by the Holy Prophet ﷺ. Everything is honoured through these salutations. The recital will raise entire of creation into one vibratory field because of the strength and value these durud recitals will bring.

The recitals will earn enough rewards to free you from your personal obstacles – be it of the mind, health, financial situation, or relationships. The reciter is being honored by Allah through the recital of these salutations – and its barakah will flow through to the entire creation uplifting their spirits to revive them. The reciting of vol. 2 will cause a great shift in the mind – freeing and raising the reasoning of every reciter.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of growing the light of Tariqah

As Salaatu Sirrul Asraar

Nurul’Huda Vol 3

For the Accomplishment of the Light

In vol. 3 the seeker gets to be raised and cherished in the Light of the Creator. This will assist the soul towards having greater understanding and self-control during chaotic situations. The Light of Allah, once it enters our lives, will protect the reciter from all the ills, bad luck, black magic (SEHR) and being controlled by unseen forces – or it will highlight it for treatment. Salutations are linked to every alphabet, every surah, as well as verses from the Quran bringing great healing and protection for the reciter. The recital is meant to draw the light into your life and keep its frequency strong enough until you have complete connection. There is nothing more powerful than durud recitals to advanced life onto a supreme level. This recital will attract all good towards you, its energies bringing success on all levels. Good for business ventures, raised insight into your destiny, strengthening relationships and attracting relations that are strong and pure. The light of Allah brings energy, awareness, true knowledge to each heart and home bringing protection to the reciter, and a realisation of the areas in their lives that need reconstructing. This light will also make the reciter highly intuitive so that they are able to assist by advising others through their journey. Bring the upper world light pouring into your life, home and business with NURUL’HUDA – and let Allah opens doors with this recital where once there were only obstacles. Recite the set of 3 volumes for divine knowledge to enter the heart and receive enlightenment.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of growing the light of Marifah

As Salaatu Sirrul Asraar

Kahful’Wara Vol 4.

He is the place of refuge for all of mankind – his is the light of resurrection

This is vol. 4 in the compendium of 7 kitabs. The first 3 volumes brought the soul into resonance with the Sufi light also known as Light of Muhammad . This is the second half of the compendium – It will next align the Light of Muhammad we carry to match the frequencies of the light of the heavens so that the soul can complete its spiritual stages through the initial correction and move into transformation. This recital is to grow in the soul the light that will help to awaken and develop the spirit within. This is similar to the soul that withdraws into the cave of the heart waiting for the mind to settle itself and focus on the opening of the 6th sense or the ‘eye of insight’ that will assist with spiritual transformations and correction of the perception levels. A brilliant read, it hosts duruds attached to duas for forgivness, duas for the believers, duas seeking a raised degree, supplications for assistance, and much more to free the soul from all obstacles linking them onto their spiritual destiny. It will be a great loss to the generations that are here and those to come if this compendium is not recited to correct the vibrations of the soul and frequency of spiritual receptions.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of growing the light of Haqqiqa

As Salaatu Sirrul Asraar

Khairul’Wara Vol 5.

He is the best of creation – his is the light of transformation

Vol. 5 recital is arranged to carry the seekers into the Light of Transcendence. This is the light of the divine existence hidden in man. It is our duty to reach this level by effort so that we can experience healing on a cellular level. Renovation and resuscitation is the value from these recitals – Ridding the mind of its mis-conceptions and fallacies in order to link us up with the insurgence of spiritual energy that will enter carrying the truths needed to understand the “World of Eternity/Aakhira” we are entering. The transforming soul will be trained to equip itself with the weapons of wisdom needed to do battle with the rioting mind – re-setting and rebooting itself many times over to arrive at the right frequency in your energy. So be prepared to enjoy complete connection with this Light of Allah and all that is due to us. The vision of the reality of the Holy Prophet will appear in our hearts, something that the lovers of the Prophet will be amazed by. This read is written in urdu for a specific reason and we urge you to attempt it. The urdu language upon the tongue creates a new vibration emitting a new frequnecy – languages do this for us. This volume does have translit for those who can’t read urdu – and english translations for those who can’t pronounce urdu – But it is a suggestion that you attempt anyway the language within the kitab to experience the vibration created from this volume. The salutations in this volume is linked to acknowledging of the position of our beloved leader and master, the Holy Prophet . Salutations attached to the value of the entire of creation and its collective actions – Salutations linked with duas of gratitude – Dua-e-Habeeb and Dua-e-Nur. Come experience with this recital and its meanings what you will never experience ever again once you leave this worldly plains. Do not avoid what you don’t understand, especially when you can read its meanings and witness the beauty that lies in this recital.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of growing the light of stages of Fanaa

As Salaatu Sirrul Asraar

Khairul’Wara Vol 5.

He is the foremost highest fields – his is the light of Transcendence

The 6th vol. witnesses the transcendent light as it brings into us the conditions to manifest a superior state of grace, which will bring to the ummah the level of divine existence. It is here that all gifts and rewards that are due to us are stored. This Light of Allah descends to govern and redirect the spiritual seekers, leading them towards taking power of control over all things in and around them – giving each reciter the power of authority to carry out the work of Allah. This is the communication link that will give to the reciter a personal relationship with the lord of the heart. In this is His guiding inspirations for each soul. This is the best reason to indulge in this recital. This volume highlights information of the elevated degrees of the Holy Prophet . It also raises the reciter in degrees of spiritual light needed to enter into the eternal world. This recital has salutations attached to supplications for both worlds seen and unseen to be open to the reciter so that you may receive from your spiritual gifts. It will bring passion and peace into the heart that is seeking to know the Lord of the worlds. The heart of the lover of Allah will find love flowing in the form of this level of light from Him to them. Feel the heart go into total submission and awe of the beauty of the world of Allah as He gently discloses Himself to those who love Him unconditionally.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of knowing Allah by seeking ‘Fanaa fi Allah’

As Salaatu Sirrul Asraar

Nur-E-Mujassam – He is the light of embodiment

Ruhul Qisti Vol. 7 & Ruhul Qudds Vol. 8

Nur-e-Mujassam carries to the reciter the vibrancy and frequency needed for the two lights of Allah to descend – “Nurum min nurrul’lahi”. Ruhul Qisti is the 7th vol. and Ruhul Qudds as the 8th volume in the compendium of 7 durud kitabs. This kitab contains some amazing hadiths that is specifically selected to bring passion into the heart of the ailing Ruh that has pined for a sight of its true love, the Lord of its heart, since life began. The recital will summon justice and equity into every aspect of the life of the reciter. Bringing alignment, peace and balance into your life it will prepare you to become worthy of the reception of the divine light you will carry. The reciter of this volume will experience full authority, strength and the drive to achieve whatever they wish to achieve in this world and the next.  These salutations are attached to specific Quran verses – highest of blessings upon the Prophet , his blessed family and all his well-wishers. This compilation also hosts knowledge of the holy Prophet’s sublime character, the reality of the Prophet , and his raised degrees each attached to a durud. With verses from the Holy Quran, extracts taken from the esteemed kitab “Dala’il Khairat” and manzil at the end of every chapter, this kitab is a steal for the seekers of the path. No seeker should exit this world without at least once drinking from this water of youth. This compilation carries salutations written by some of the most elite servants of Allah eg. Ibn Arabi, Maulana Elias Burney and others.

PS. SEEKERS OF THE PATH - Read with the intention of Baqa – to become as a divine light of Allah.