Provision for the Seekers

Are you perhaps a seeker?

Creating a platform for all those who have been looking for a different perspective to life. The worlds energies and consciousness has shifted so many times over – and its time for the masses to awaken to this call. We at Sufi World Foundation offer such a platform for those who are awakening with the awareness that it is time to evolve into a new, stronger version of yourself. If you are one of among the many who seek answers to constant questions that arise and if you ever wondered where you fit into all of the excitement that leads to the inner journey and a call to seek your higher destiny – then you are in the right space. We welcome you to the World of Metaphysics… an unwinding staircase to the end of the world and beyond!!!

Contemporary Religion

The Study of Religion & Spirituality in Present Time
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Comparative Religion

Studies into each Religion, its History & Facts
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Sacred Texts

Books, Articles &
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