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Hope you are looking forward for loads of stories that will ignite the heart with passion to wake up to a new world full of opportunities that will make life worth living again. Inspiration of success stories from around the world – crossword puzzles – job opportunities – life coaching and mentoring – ideas and lessons and so much more that is needed by the young generations to find themselves, and to build a safe and successful environment around them. We can all together create the stepping stones needed to rope in a new world. With the ideas presented in these pages we urge you to join us by sending in your watsapp number and email details so that we can notify you of current happenings. Please feel free to introduce your friends & family members to this site, as well as those who you think will benefit from the encouragement in these pages. You can also participate by sending in articles and fun facts you think is needed for the growth of your soul group.

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Career paths to choose from. Each week we highlight a career path – with interviews from professionals in the field. Join us on a journey to find out what it takes to become a  professional in a career of your choice be it I.T, Engineering or Entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to all Matriculants of 2019.

We are passionate about Goal setting & Vision Journals. Send us an email to connect with us & we will respond with contact details of professionals who can advise you on your career ahead. Most of our advisors do not charge for advice so take advantage of this offer.

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Bilal is a black young orphan child living amongst oppressors. His life is filled with moments that test him but instead of being defeated he grows up to be a young man who stands strong by his beliefs & fights against the oppressors. This movie was made in Dubai and we comment the animators of this movie. Disney we think you have competition.

This movie is not on Netflix can be downloaded or streamed online.

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I Am A Sufi

Being young does not mean you have no say. You are the future of tommorrow. Your voice and actions change the world. Each small change you take up helps global warming, international wars, animal welfare etc

What can we learn from Greta Thunberg?

The 16-year-old climate activist has rapidly sent ripples across the world, and after her impassioned speech at the UN. She has been making waves across the world calling for an uprising against pollution on the environment.

What can we learn from her:
No one is too small to make a difference & take center stage about something that they are passionate about.
Sometimes a persons impact can be shown by the enemies they make, Greta has angered some big companies and and politicians by calling them out on their lack of support and activism.
Haters will be haters, take them in your stride. Recently Donald Trump labelled Greta as a teenager with anger issues… In response to this, Greta changed her social media bio to sarcastically state that she is a teenager with anger issues – according to Trump.
Change begins with us nomatter our age. As the result of the previous generations pollution we are currently struggling to fix up the mess. If we do not make the change from now, then future generations will be stuck with a mess that they had never asked for in the first place.

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